Did you know that our brain can easily fall prey to the pattern of Overthinking?

Thoughts are like clouds, floating in and out of the vastness of our mind. A simple passing thought can trigger our mind to start spinning multiple negative thoughts and emotions that eventually take complete control over our life.

Over thinking not only affects our mental wellbeing & social life, but also adversely affects our physical health by causing problems like insomnia, fatigue and unhealthy eating habits!

Most of the times, we end up ignoring these thoughts and shutting them up into a corner of our minds. This is not the best way to deal with them. It is like shoving dirt under a carpet and assuming that the room is clean.

Acknowledging and addressing them is extremely essential. Talking about them freely with somebody who will listen without any judgement is help a great deal. Mindfully observing these thoughts as they float through our mind is another way to deal with these disturbing thoughts. Observe them, become aware of them, but try not be bothered by them.

Cognitive behavioural therapy has proved successful over the years in helping individuals control their intrusive thoughts. An easy technique to break the negative pattern of thought is by distracting the mind with a positive thought or activity.

Madhura Marathe

I am a professional counsellor based in Berlin offering counselling in English. I provide advice, support and guidance to clients undergoing stress, trauma, anxiety and relationship issues.